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Audit & Assurance

Errors, omissions, irregularities are not new to business. Advancement and expansion of businesses brings in innumerable challenges, opportunities and threats. Failing to detect or eradicate the same leave businesses struggle and in return leverage major challenges and minor success. Our team of qualified auditors ensure your financial statements presents true and fair representation before authorities.

Types of auditing services available with us:

Statutory Audits: The objectives of statutory audits is to review, record and monitor the performance of firm. Statutory audit aims at safeguarding the interests of shareholders of the company to ensure whether organization is performing satisfactory financially or not.

Internal Audit: Improved organization governance, risk management, controls, insights and recommendations based on analysis and assessments of data, all this is achievable with internal audit. Designed to review what a company is doing to identify threats, risk prevailing, internal audit studies comprehensive look at all your business documents.

Due Diligence Audit: Conducting a due diligence audit lets you know in advance whether the business is worth an investment of your time and money. It usually involves reviewing financial and corporate documents and look out for the issues that weren't addressed during the audit of financial statements.

Stock & Securities Audit: Conducting stock and securities audit underlines the objectives of ascertaining whether the security against which finances has been made is safe and valued correctly. To ensure an absolute preservation, storage and handling of stock to save borrower from avoidable future losses.

Income Tax Audit: The purpose of tax audit is to ensure whether the books of accounts have been maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

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