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Taxation Consulting

Did you know an early tax planning not only lowers tax liability but also leave you with a bigger share of income in your hands at the end of every financial year? Filing, planning, claiming refunds and even calculating can be tough for all and sundry.

Taxation Consulting Involves:

  • Providing income-tax opinions on various complex and litigative tax issues to the clients.
  • Preparation and filing of income-tax returns for Companies and other entities with the Revenue authorities.
  • Advice regarding tax withholding compliances under the Indian tax laws to Companies and providing assistance in implementing the same.
  • Preparation of applications for obtaining reduced tax withholding rulings from the Revenue authorities and liaising with the Revenue authorities for obtaining these tax withholding rulings.
  • Representing clients before the Revenue authorities regarding search & seizure cases.
  • Preparation and filing of income-tax returns for Companies and other entities with the Revenue authorities.

Indirect Tax Consultancy

Indirect taxes are the charges that are levied on goods and services. Some of the significant indirect taxes include Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax, Central Excise Duty, Customs Duty, stamp duties and expenditure tax.

Unlike direct taxes, indirect form of taxes are levied on goods and services, not on individuals. Customers indirectly pay this tax in the form of higher prices. Ever wondered while purchasing goods, paying bills and even accommodation where do you pay out little more than actual rates charged? That extra charged amount is actually an indirect form of taxes that cannot be evaded.

Our indirect tax consultancy includes:

  • Ascertain applicability of service tax
  • Service tax registration assistance
  • Advice on updates, significant changes in law
  • Tax representation before authorities
  • Preparation of returns
  • Assistance in refund
  • Maintenance of half yearly returns
  • Review of contracts, agreements to mitigate overall incidence of service tax
  • Advice on custom law applicability, regulations
  • Custom procedures export import policy licensing requirements
  • VAT Accounting, Documentation and Filing of return thereon
  • Advisory and assistance on resolving tax matters
  • Advisory on applicability of custom and excise taxes
  • Assessment of legal opinions related to service tax issues

Doing taxes on your own is complicated, hiring a tax professional can save you time while giving an absolute peace of mind. We hold an extensive tax advisory experience serving businesses of all types regardless of industry size and entity. Why let heavy tax burden impact your business and personal finances? Get help of tax professionals today!

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