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Real Estate Consultancy

Real estate market is subject to many influences, factors that cause change in market. If similar, ongoing changes are making your head spin too, real estate advisors at Kapil Shama Aggarwal & Associates will help you make the best decision possible.

For better estate deals, assured returns and making sure whether your investments are profitable, we're here to suggest you with solutions that gives best returns for investments. Our consultants are trained to provide a thorough needs analysis as per specific needs of clients. We align property requirements as per business goals and objectives.

We're concerned towards offering quality, transparent services both in choices of property and fee charged.

Services rendered:

  • Corporate leasing
  • Retail leasing
  • Residential leasing
  • Property auditing
  • Capital market or asset advisory
  • Property operations analysis
  • Market suitability & analysis
  • Preparation of budgets and pro for-mas
  • Advising on changes to legislation & regulations

Our consultants are trained to provide a thorough needs analysis and later recommending with suitable options of how needs can be best addressed. Are you too on the verge of leasing, selling, renting, buying and negotiating? Wouldn't it be great to consult our real estate consultants before sealing a deal? Our goal here is to help clients examine every aspect of operations to maximize potential returns and build future success.

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